Ductless Heat Pump Rebate

Ductless Heat Pump Rebate: Up To $5800

Need a new ductless heat pump for your home. Call Phoenix Heating & Cooling in Toronto or anywhere in the GTA today and get up to $5800 off. This ductless heat pump rebate is for a limited time only, so call today to find out which of our…
ductless air conditioning

5 Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning

We've got lots of customers in Toronto and the GTA that already have ductless air conditioning systems, and they often ask us what's so great about them. They love their units and their systems, and they know that they don't cost much to maintain…
ductless air conditioning

6 Reasons Ductless Air Conditioning Is Better Than a Window Unit

If you live in Toronto you've surely seen your share of big window air conditioners adorning the windows above shops and in apartments all over the place. They don't look great, and many people don't know what alternative they have. Window air…
ductless air conditioner

Help! My Ductless Air Conditioner Broke Down

This is a phrase that we hear all the time in the spring and early summer. When the weather inevitably gets warmer our customers turn on their ductless air conditioner for the first time. Shortly after the first few warm days of the year we…
saving energy

Saving Energy During The Winter

You can hold onto summer as long as possible by layering under that stylish fall coat, but eventually you'll realize that the heat is on in your home for a reason. Winter is here and it's not going anywhere. While turning the heat on might be…
heating your home
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Efficiently Heating Your Home This Winter

There’s one thing that many of us have in common. We’re all continually trying to save money in different ways. Many don’t know it, but one of the easiest ways to save money is in the winter when you are heating your home. This might sounds…
fall furnace maintenance

Your Fall Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It's great to be outside with the family enjoying all the festivities and event that come with the time of year when the leave change colours. There's pumpkins everywhere, even in your lattes…
commercial boiler repair

Commercial Boiler Repair: Keep Your Business Running Hot

Maintaining a business of any size in a city like Toronto and the GTA isn’t easy. With so much competition out there, you can’t afford to fall behind other businesses like yours. After all, losing your staff to neighbouring companies isn’t…
24/7 Boiler Repair

24/7 Boiler Repair: Heat When You Need It Most

With so much to handle with your business, there’s not much room for one more thing – especially when something goes wrong. When the heat goes out in your workplace, you need the right professional to help, fast. Phoenix Heating & Cooling…
Best ductless heating and cooling systems

What Are The Best Ductless Heating And Cooling Systems?

Living in Toronto and the GTA means making the most of your money. Unless you’re making 6 figures, one way to do that is by looking for the best investments and home upgrades that suit your budget. If you’re planning to install a heating…