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Looking for a reliable ductless air conditioning company in Toronto? As you likely know there are lots of options and choosing the right one might seem like a daunting task, but not to worry. You’ve found Phoenix Heating & Cooling! We have over 30 years of experience working in Toronto and the GTA. We’ve installed, repaired and performed maintenance services on ductless air conditioners of all brands and models. As a result you know that we’ve got the knowledge and experience needed to make sure that your unit is operating properly.

When it comes to installation our technicians will ensure that yours is done right. Proper installation is the first step to ensuring that you get the most out of your system as the years pass. Installation consists of 3 general parts. These parts include installing the external condenser unit, the internal air handler unit and then connecting the two units with the appropriate tubing and wiring. This is done through a 4 inch hole in an exterior wall of your home. That’s basically it for installation. Easy, right?

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Finding The Right Ductless Installer

Toronto and the GTA is a big place. With more than 70,000 people projected to be joining this metropolis every year, it’s no surprise that finding the right professional to help you with a job can be tricky. However, here are a few things…
My Ductless Air Conditioner Is Broken

My Ductless Air Conditioner Is Broken

Spring is about to arrive and that means we're ready for all the calls and emails titled "My Ductless Air Conditioner is Broken". It's just that time of year and the follow up question we often get is, "why did this happen?" To be completely…

How To Install A Mini-Split

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5 Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning

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6 Reasons Ductless Air Conditioning Is Better Than a Window Unit

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Help! My Ductless Air Conditioner Broke Down

This is a phrase that we hear all the time in the spring and early summer. When the weather inevitably gets warmer our customers turn on their ductless air conditioner for the first time. Shortly after the first few warm days of the year we…