Toronto Air Conditioning Services

There are so many options in Toronto when it comes to air conditioning companies. Some are massive and run by international corporations and other are a one man show that can barely keep up with customer needs. Phoenix Heating & Cooling falls right in the middle. We provide professional air conditioner services throughout Toronto and the GTA and have been doing so for over 30 years now. We’re a big enough company to take really good care of our customers, but we keep things local. Our HVAC technicians live and work in the GTA and so do our customers. They are our neighbours, our relatives, our friends and our coworkers. We see Toronto as one big community and we love working here.

Our air conditioner services are second to none in the area and we couldn’t be more proud of the great reputation and customer base that we’ve built.

Contact us today for more information about our air conditioner maintenance, repair or installation services. We’ll provide you with a free estimate and book an appointment on the spot for you: 647-243-3570


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This Is The Best Air Conditioner Setting

Families fight over the television remote control as much as they fight over the best air conditioner setting. Some like it cooler than others and the discussion as to the proper setting can seem endless. This dispute isn't always solely about…
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Humidity & Your Air Conditioner

There are several reasons the air conditioner was invented but one of the main ones was to control humidity. When it's hot and sticky a lack of humidity control can lead to mould growth and a litany of other issues related to moisture. High…
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Can Air Conditioners Handle The Hottest Year Ever?

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Air Conditioning: 7 Benefits of Being Energy Efficient

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5 Tips: Maintaining Air Conditioners To Raking Your Lawn

After a long dark and depressing winter in Toronto most homeowners can't wait to get outside and start preparing their home for the spring and summer seasons. With a breath of fresh air you set out into your yard and around your home to tackle…