Toronto Air Conditioning Systems

Do you have a company that takes care of your air conditioning systems? There are lots of HVAC companies across Toronto, but if you want the best services Phoenix Heating & Cooling should be your choice.

We’ve been providing professional and expert HVAC services, including air conditioner services, for over 30 years. That means we have the knowledge and experience necessary to work on all makes and models of air conditioners and their related components.

Whether you’ve got a ductless air conditioner, a central air conditioner or a commercial air conditioner on the roof of your building Phoenix Heating & Cooling can take care of it. We provide repair and maintenance services that can keep your air conditioning unit operating efficiently and reliably for the life of your system. We also provide air conditioner installation services that ensure you get the right air conditioner for your needs and the size of your space.

Contact us today for more information about our residential and commercial air conditioner services or to get a free estimate for any of our services: 647-243-3570


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8 Common Air Conditioning System Problems

During the recent Toronto heat wave you might have noticed that your air conditioning system was struggling to keep up with your cooling needs. It might have been running longer than necessary or actually becoming louder as the hot days wore…