Toronto Air Conditioner Repair Services

Properly caring and maintaining your air conditioner is important to ensure the longevity, efficiency and reliability of your air conditioner. Your air conditioner is an important part of your family’s comfort so when it’s in need of repairs, no matter how big or small, they shouldn’t be ignored. Our air conditioner repair services are second to none.

Phoenix Heating & Cooling has been providing air conditioner repair services in Toronto and throughout the GTA for over 30 years. We work from Oshawa to Hamilton and Barrie to Downtown Toronto. Yes, that’s a really big area, but we’ve got happy customers all over the place and we love keeping everyone cool all summer long, it’s our passion.

Contact us today for more information about our air conditioner maintenance, installation and repair services. If you have an emergency we can help too. Give us a call and we’ll be at your home within 4 hours of receiving your call. Get a free estimate today: 647-243-3570


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