frozen gutters

Frozen Gutters In Toronto: When Winter Strikes

While winter may have taken its time getting here, cold weather can certainly impact your home. You might be familiar with ice storms knocking out power to homes or overworked furnaces and boilers breaking down, but frozen gutters can also affect…
frozen pipes

Frozen Pipes: Avoid The Worst This Winter

While winter certainly took its time getting here this year, you can avoid the frozen pipes in Toronto and the GTA by better understanding what to do when the temperature drops. Whether you’re planning a little getaway to somewhere warm or…
in-floor heating

In-Floor Heating: Step Foot Into Luxury

Everyone loves getting the bathroom all to themselves, especially in a busy household. You get in there, lock the door behind you, and get ready to start your day, or decompress after a long one. Whether it’s a hot shower or a nice soak in…